Veganuary in Ireland

Veganuary in Ireland

What is Veganuary?

“Veganuary is the name of a charity and campaign that encourages people to try a vegan lifestyle (i.e. to ‘go vean’ by not eating or using animal products) for the month of January.” Source: jacoi

About Veganuary

The great thing about Veganuary is that it’s a charity.

They help people go vegan for January and they also help business understand how to cater for people who want vegan options in the community.

People are talking about it!

Did you see the 2020 media coverage of Veganuary in Ireland?

Here are some headlines:

  1. Veganuary: What does a month without meat do for you? – (Spoiler alert, you feel great!)
  2. Queues for Greggs’ vegan steak bake as over 300,000 sign up for Veganuary – (Actually, the final figure ended up being over 400,000!)
  3. Thinking about taking on ‘Veganuary’? Here’s why it’s easier than you think… –
  4. Fast food and Veganuary – we put three of the major chains’ veggie offerings to the taste test –

The interest of Irish communities in Veganuary also shocked Chef Corrigan to the point he felt that he needed to comment!

We can’t wait to see the discussion grow in Veganuary 2021!

How can I get involved?

It’s easy! And you can start today!

There is no need to wait until January. Your Veganuary 20201 journey starts today!

Head over to the Veganuary website and sign up to take the Veganuary pledge.

You’ll get a bundle of great vegan recipes, meal plans and helpful tips.

There are other ways you can help too, including becoming a Veganuary Champion.

If you’re a business, Veganuary wants to help you make life easier for people trying the vegan lifestyle for the first time. So, you’ll find a great kit of free advice and support with your efforts to promote your vegan options! It’s part of their corporate collaborations program.

Veganuary Promotions

Are you keen to get involved in Veganuary as a business?

Veganuary marketing is a big opportunity for vegan and non-vegan businesses! 

The first step you can take is to join our Business Friends program, so people know that you’re a vegan-friendly business.

When Veganuary starts, they’ll know that it’s worth visiting you to explore your Veganuary deals.

The most important thing is that you make it easier for people to go vegan during January!

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