Vegan options key to hospitality industry survival

Ireland’s vegan offerings are supporting hospitality business survival in the face of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In May this year, the Irish Examiner highlighted Ireland’s vegan and sustainable food ethos as a strength for the survival of the local hospitality industry. The Irish Examiner said, “Fortunately for Ireland, we’ve been serving up a sustainable food ethos long before it went mainstream and the current crisis is likely to bolster, rather than curb that trend.”

Vegan offerings continue to reinforce the clean, green, healthy image of Ireland’s hospitality industry in the world market.

The rise in online shopping has opened new channels and potential for vegan products in international markets, amplified by local consumer demand for vegan options.

In 2019, the Irish Mirror reported that half of Irish people say they would consider going vegan for environmental reasons.

Hopefully the rest of the world continues to follow Ireland’s lead, supporting our economic survival and recovery. 

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