Vegan Dublin: Our guide to this vegan-friendly city!

Vegan Dublin: Our guide to this vegan-friendly city!

In this article, we’ll show you the Vegan Dublin that meat-eaters don’t see.

Are you planning to go vegan in Dublin, or a vegan moving here? Lucky you! Oh, and of course we’re talking about going vegan in Dublin, Ireland. Not in the towns of the same name in California or Ohio!

Dublin’s vegan scene is really special. If you’re already a vegan in Dublin, you’ll know. Let’s explore Vegan Dublin together…

Is Dublin Vegan Friendly?

Are you serious?! Yes!

And, it’s not just during Veganuary!

For vegan food, this city offers real options. And for vegan restaurants, Dublin is world class!

From naughty vegan bakery and dessert treats to a vegan butcher and hearty vegan breakfast options, this city will surprise you! And if you’re looking for dinner or a vegan lunch, Dublin has you covered then too. Oh, and we even have five star vegan afternoon tea options.

Did we already mention vegan fish and chips? Yes, they’re here!

It’s best to support fully vegan cafe, restaurant, and takeaway venues. But, you’ll find vegan-friendly restaurants here too. Thanks to some of the best vegetarian restaurants, this city provides a diversity of vegan cuisine options. Many non-vegetarian venues offer vegan options too.

Our great options are sustained largely thanks to great community support and activism. And, we’ve been getting outside support and recognition too! 

In 2019, Holiday company Hayes & Jarvis found Dublin to be the most vegan-friendly city in the culinary world. They analysed the cuisine selection of restaurants in the world’s 50 most-visited cities using TripAdvisor data.

The result was based on the share of a city’s restaurants offering vegan options. 

And Dublin, my friend, had the highest percentage (21.2%)!

How to find Vegan Food

You could search “where to eat Dublin vegan near me” but you’re only going to see a handfull of options. 

If you want to find the best vegan restaurants in our city, use this custom HappyCow Search for Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Dublin. Have a look for vegan restaurants near Dublin too, if you’re interested in mixing great food with a road trip.

HappyCow is a free website that also has a handy app that makes it easy to find vegan and vegetarian options. It has been going world-wide since 1999. You’ll find listings here for cafes, takeaways, restaurants, health food stores and more.

If you’re looking for packs of vegan burgers or seitan, this city’s grocery and health food stores can supply you everything you need to cook up a storm at home. Most grocery stores offer vegan products.

For vegan catering, there are options here. So, you can ensure your events are cruelty-free. Seek prices and options from the takeaway venues you find in HappyCow. You can what ever you need to suit your budget – from cheap vegan food options to as five star cuisine.

Dublin vegans are pretty good at keeping it up to date, so you’ll find great reviews and information.

Vegan Options at the Dublin Airport

Yes, Dublin Airport has vegan options! 

The opening of the Happy Pear in 2019 pushed other outlets to lift their vegan snack and meal offerings.

Still, we always recommend packing vegan snacks when you travel.

Since COVID-19, it’s an even better idea because it’s hard to know if food outlets will be open or closed in airports!

The great news is that many airlines will provide in-flight vegan meals at no extra cost if you request a special meal in advance.

The Vegan Dublin you never knew existed!

So, there you have it! Are you excited by what you found behind the scenes of Vegan Dublin?

We hope so!

Did we miss anything? If so, please comment below to let us know! 

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