Porter & Nash

Porter & Nash

Irish Chefs have harnessed the powers of superfood kombu seaweed to create new vegan sauces brand Porter & Nash.

Two Chefs from Ireland identified a lack of choice in tasty gravies and sauces that were suitable for vegans that offered health benefits.


Chefs Gavin Cassidy and Eoin Lennon created vegan sauce company Porter & Nash to close this gap.

Their products are unique because of their use of the nutritional powerhouse kombu seaweed.

Not only are these Chefs home-grown, their secret ingredient is harvested from the waters of the west coast of Ireland!

Nutritionally conscious but time poor consumers will be interested in Porter & Nash’s products, especially if they’re looking for a real flavour lift for their daily meals. The seaweed has a unique umami flavour.

Also gluten-free, their products are low in salt and sugar and have no fat. They can be used as a normal pouring sauce or a cooking liquid.

The move reinforces Ireland’s role as a leading trendsetter in the gourmet vegan culinary scene. The opportunities to support local businesses we can be proud of is yet another reason it’s easy to go vegan!

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