Plant Power launches in Ireland

Plant Power launches in Ireland

The tempeh protein company, Plant Power, launched into the Republic of Ireland’s largest retailer today!

You can now find their original tempeh and curry pieces nationwide at Supervalu.

This is the first international launch for the company, and the first time Supervalu have ventured into Tempeh!

Tempeh is made by fermenting beans, traditionally soy, with a live culture to create a firm, chewy meat alternative. Made with just pulses and probiotics, tempeh is a nutritious and tasty in curries, stir frys and many other recipes.

It’s no surprise Plant Power have chosen us for their first international launch, given the large and sustained growth in popularity of vegan options in Ireland!

Can’t get to a Supervalu? You can get your hands on Plant Power tempeh through home delivery thanks to TheVeganKind and Amazon.

There’s never been and easier or more convenient time in Ireland… why not go vegan today?

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