Lola Petticrew made co-star vegan

Lola Petticrew made co-star Fionn O’Shea go vegan as a result of the filming of Dating Amber.

Lola’s vegan cooking is well known to her fans who follow her on Twitter.

“I made Fionn become a vegan – not by choice, just because I cook all the meals,” Petticrew recently told the Irish Times.

The co-stars were friends prior to the filming of Dating Amber, in which they play two high-school students who embark on a fake affair to combat prejudice in 90s Ireland. The secretly gay students are drawn together to stop the circling bullies who suspect their orientations.

Dating Amber is available on Amazon Prime Video from 4 June. Hopefully, Fionn continues his new love of vegan options long after.

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