For a greener and kinder Ireland.

We're working...

...for a greener and kinder Ireland.

Our aims are:

  • To offer support and information to people interested in veganism.
  • To research information relevant to a vegan lifestyle and supply this information to publishers.
  • To promote and increase awareness of veganism as a just, healthy and environmentally-beneficial lifestyle choice.
  • To promote respect towards all animals, human or nonhuman, and the environment.
  • To develop and maintain positive relationships with organisations with compatible aims and objectives.

Our impact is measurable, both in growth in Irish vegan choices and in our online statistics.

41% of Irish women avoid dairy.
30% of Irish Men avoid dairy.
Google searches for 'vegan' from inside Ireland every month.
Up to 10000
How many sites talk about "Vegan Ireland"

Ireland's vegan scene is famous!

Here are some examples of news coverage!

The report also highlights that everyday citizens have also had a big part in driving growth in this industry: "Countries such as the United States, Canada, China, Ireland and U.K have a considerable number of vegan populations that in turn aiding in the growth of the market."
The company, launched in December 2018 by food entrepreneur Shane Ryan (30), has grown rapidly since formation. Its products, focused toward the vegan market, are stocked in 300 stores across Ireland, including national listings with SuperValu and Tesco...

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Let's work together to make Ireland greener and kinder.


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